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Jessica Brown

If you ever do a time, space, and memory theme again, Edge of Tomorrow would be an interesting film to consider.

I think a theme of artificial realities could be interesting. Potential films for a theme like this could be Divergent, The Truman Show, and Ender's Game.

Ryan Giles

Maybe for film themes you can either have a remake theme where you compare and contrast with the original and the remake or have a history theme and how accurate the history is within the film.

Garret Adams

I think Ryan has a good idea. Watching films that are history oriented and them comparing and seeing how accurate each film really is.

Linnea Dawson

My favorite niche genre of film is couples on the run doing crime so like Bonnie & Clyde, Badlands, Gun Crazy, Pierrot Le Fou, ect. There's honestly like a million of these kinds of movies. But also Travel as a topic, in general, would be interesting and each filmmaker's different interpretation on how it affects people.

Jose Hernandez

How about analyzing two or three different film genres? Like the use of time, space and memory in a western, compared to a horror or comedy film. Maybe talking about the use of props, lighting, sound, camera angles, and Mise-en-scene in each films and what is similar and what is different.

Becky Bond

I know this is probably a wild suggestion, but the horror movie fan in me suggests that you do a class following all the films of one type creature or monster through the ages. There have so many different variations of different creature features over the years that I think it could be really cool. Say for example you did a class following Frankenstein's Monster, you could show the original and then several variations after that.

Josh Riddell

I like Jose's suggestion about analyzing a few different films from different ears. I would enjoy the learning about the different emphasis the director's use with mise-en-scene in comparison with there genre.

Kevin Smith

It'd be interesting to see a class revolving around the theme of aging/death. I've seen many films with this as the main topic but analyzing how different filmmakers treat and show the theme would be interesting

Gabriel Yanez

If the same theme was used for the next class, then the films Ink and Franklyn could used. Ink plays with memory and time while having a sci-fi aspect to it. Franklyn uses space and memory to craft a well done mystery film.


Maybe another film theme you could use is having more geography incorporated into the films. I do not have an example of one, but that would be interesting to see how landscape and locations are used throughout different films.

Jesus Hernandez

I agree with Ryan, a theme with remake movies sounds interesting. Trying to see what concepts are similar and what things have change could be a interesting class. It would be nice to see what if anything was changed on the remake or kept the same.

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